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Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a social engineering scam against businesses of all types. The scam exploits business controls around ACH/wire transfers, causing significant financial losses.

Indicators of BEC:
✓ Email requests from company executives for wire/ ACH transfers, a change in known vendor account information or requests for confidential employee information.
✓ The email will generally convey urgency or the need for secrecy

Defending against the scam:
✓ Carefully scrutinize emails by hovering over the sender's name and ensure the email address is accurate
✓ Provide regular training around your company's ACH/wire transfer procedures and be sure to use secondary authentication of requests

If you suspect your business has fallen victim to a BEC attack:
✓ Immediately contact BOTW Commercial Customer Service at 1-800-400-2781 to request a wire recall due to a BEC scam